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10 Things to Know about Cisco UCS

WWT St. Louis Demonstration Center

Along the lines of my most read post (probably because I found guys a lot smarter than me to write it!) 10 Things to Know about the Cisco Nexus 1000V, I’ve invited Joe Onisick, WWT’s Unified Computing Practice Manager, to be my guest blogger to highlight:  “10 Things to Know about Cisco UCS.”  Here we go….and, thanks, Joe!

  1. The most important feature of UCS is its management architecture.  The hardware was all designed with unified management in mind in order to reduce the administrative overhead of today’s server environments.  As companies move to more highly virtualized environments and cloud architectures, automation and orchestration becomes key.  UCS provides the management and provisioning tools at a hardware level to quickly realize the benefits of these types of environments and maximize the inherent cost reductions. Continue reading

Cisco’s C-Series Rack Server Product Announcement

Bob and Soni C-Series Announcement

I had the honor to be on stage when Soni Jiandani, Cisco’s vice president of marketing for its server access virtualization business group, announced Cisco’s new C-Series Rack Servers.   (About the same time the annoucement was occuring, I was informed that we recieved our first order for UCS from one of our large, high-tech customers.)

I commented that the C-Series announcement was important for three reasons:

First, the C-Series as well as all of the channel program and product announcements over the past 18 months, demonstrates Cisco’s commitment to UCS as an architecture.

Second, for World Wide and other partners who are focused on delivering business solutions in the data center, the C-Series offers a powerful choice, especially for those customers who want to maximize their investment in virtualization and lower their total cost of ownership.

Finally, for our broad spectrum of customers which include service providers, Fortune 1000, and public sector, the C-Series provides a flexible and easy entry point to Cisco’s UCS architecture.