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WWT 2011 National Sales Meeting: Transformation. Collaboration. Acceleration.

WWT 2011 National Sales Meeting 5K Runners

Congratulations to our sales team for a great 2010!  We just wrapped-up our annual 2011 National Sales Meeting (NSM) held this year in sunny Phoenix.  It was a fantastic event that included our entire field sales and pre-sales teams.  We also appreciated having many of our partners attend, especially Cisco, HP, EMC and NetApp. Continue reading


Citrix XenApp Announcements This Week

Citrix made a series of announcements this week about XenApp and I spent some time with Scott Miller, Business Development Director for Virtualization at World Wide Technology (WWT) to gain his perspective.  Scott was formerly President of Server Centric Consulting which WWT acquired in July.

Scott, first of all, welcome on board to WWT.  It’s been over a month since the acquisition and it’s been fantastic seeing the interest and excitement about Server Centric joining forces with WWT.

I know that you have worked with Citrix for many years and have seen many product announcements from them.  What’s so important about this one? Continue reading

10 Things to Know about the Cisco Nexus 1000V

vcenter vsphere 4 n1000v screen shotI managed to corral three of our senior consulting services engineers, Dave Harrison, Mike Jennings & Kent Noyes, and ask them about the Nexus 1000V.  (All three are CCIEs and Dave/Kent have VCPs to boot.)

Dave, to start, what is the Nexus 1000V?

DAVE: Here’s the product marketing answer from Cisco, which is pretty good.

“The Nexus 1000V switch is a pure software implementation of a Cisco Nexus switch. It resides on a server and integrates with the hypervisor to deliver VN-Link (Cisco VN-Link: Virtualization-Aware Networking) virtual machine-aware network services.”

To boil it all down, the Nexus 1000V gives the network admin visibility and control of the traffic traveling inside the virtual world of VMware.

Bob: Does that mean the network admin didn’t have “visibility and control” before? Continue reading

Can WebEx Connect? Presence-as-a-Service, PaaS

Interesting update, Cisco Takes a Page from Twitter to Compete in Collaboration, on WebEx Connect. Will these enhancements, including the integration of Jabber and a rich set of API’s, accelerate Cisco beyond simple Web 2.0 collaboration services into an enterprise platform to for business process integration?

WebEx, excellent for on-line meetings and growing into a complete collaboration suite,  is part of the many Web 2.0 applications delivered as a service or Software as a Service (SaaS.)   WebEx, microblogging, corporate blogs, chat, video and wikis  are replacing the traditional backoffice applications (Oracle &  SAP) as key differentiators in today’s competitive business environment.   Web 2.0 is definitely “front office” material and, in fact, these apps  don’t even need an office.  They thrive on borderless networks where open collaboration and conversations can occur. Continue reading

Cisco’s Channel Blog – Help Wanted.

Cisco Logo

I commented a few weeks on Cisco’s new Channels Blog that istening to partners has always been in Cisco’s DNA.  Web 2.0 and social networking have allowed Cisco to take listening and collaboration to another level.

Whether they’re engineers, product managers or channel execs, Cisco’s employees have demonstrated active participation and commitment to collaboration, from corporate blogging, podcasts, YouTube videos to Twitter (Keith, you only need 344,552 more followers to catch Padmasree!)

I’m certain that Cisco will do their part to make this Channel Blog “informative,” however; it will require active participation and feedback from partners for the blog to be “successful.”

A couple of topics areas I’d like to see: 1.) deeper dive on the individual business imperatives in “5 to Thrive” and 2.) highlighting partner best practices.