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Google Chrome OS Offers Speed, Simplicity & Security–Not Cloud Computing!

Speed, simplicity and security are the key aspects of Google Chrome OS.” from the  Official Google Blog: Introducing the Google Chrome OS.

What hardcore, web browsing, Internet addict (like me) wouldn’t want that!  Google is once again rewriting (literally) the rules of the game when it comes to the world wide web.

While I wish Chrome was a bit more compatible with some sites that I visit, I very much appreciate it’s blazingly fast performance.   If Google can take this same approach to simplifying while at that same time speeding up the user experience,  it will be a winner.  (It takes my Windows notebook anywhere from 1-3 minutes to boot-just enough time to get coffee!)

No offense to a cloud expert, Reuven Cohen,  that I enjoy following on Twitter, but I think we’re taking the “cloud” too far by calling Chrome OS a “cloud operating system.” Continue reading