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Stand Up and Get Ready


Watching my son’s lacrosse games from the sidelines,  I often heard “Stand up and get ready” shouted from the coaches to the boys on the bench.

The coaches wanted the boys to be prepared for when they were called to action.  Last week in Boston, if I listened closely (that was my area of improvement, by the way, during Marshall Goldsmith’s speech)  that’s what I heard from John Chambers as the final speaker at the Cisco Partner Summit.

I first have to say that John is a tremendous speaker and it would be great to have his ability to speak off the cuff for an hour.  He had a number of points about Cisco’s architectural drives, the industry, the economy and even Cisco’s competition.   Underlying it all, I heard John telling his valued army of resellers to “stand up and get ready.”  The economy will turn  (John thinks the end of this year) and we will all emerge  stronger & better when it does.

We are listening, John.  We’re investing in several key areas, data center, virtualization, professional services so that we’re ready when the economy makes the turn and customers increase spending.    Jim Kavanaugh, our CEO, views “getting ready” as a series of steps over these past several years: invest (innovation), execute (operational excellence) and breakaway.

So, coach, we’re standing up and ready.  In fact, we’re already very much in the game.