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We’re in the Cloud and We Didn’t Even Know it!

Several internal emails “floated” around on Friday regarding cloud computing.  There was a suggestion that we should pilot or trial more “cloud computing” type applications in order to accelerate our expertise in this area.

I got to thinking about an earlier post where I summarized a number of the collboration apps we used that were SaaS-based.  And then I thought about all of the applications we use and the list was quite long: Continue reading


Acquisitions, Core Values & Cultural Fit

This week we announced the acquisition of Performance Technology Group (PTG).  I wanted to be one of the first to publicly welcome the PTG Employees to the World Wide Team!  We’re excited by the synergy and complementary capabilities that the PTG Team brings to WWT.  They have a wealth of systems engineering and managed services capabilities that Continue reading

Are you V-Ready? More Importantly are your People & Processes Ready?

 Whether you’re at a dead stop (there are very few of you out there) or 15 percent there (like most of you) enterprises appear to be at a virtualization plateau and driving to the next level of relies more on an IT organization’s ability to evolve their people and processes versus deciding on the technology.

Don’t get me wrong, picking the right technology is extremely important–just ask any manufacturer! Continue reading

Ideas are Commodities – Innovation is all about Execution

HP Garage

367 Addison Avenue

Phil McKinney, CTO for HP’s Personal Systems Group, is “passionate about creativity and innovation.”  He hosts the Killer Innovations podcast and has a Twitter feed of on-going killer questions to ask regarding innovation.

Here is an excellent 20 minute presentation that he gave at this Maker Faire.

Phil McKinney @ Maker Faire – Creating Killer Innovations .

Phil starts with “knowledge is a commodity” and then outlines a methodical approach to driving innovation.  I particularly liked his “FIRE” power: Continue reading

Are Constraints Innovation Accellerators?

Interesting blog post about Google growing up as a company.

Google Grows Up – Scott Anthony – HarvardBusiness.org

I very much admire Google and all of the innovative apps they have brought to the market.  The fact is that most all of their success financially is still pegged to their ad revenue and their many other investments have yet to bear fruit. Continue reading