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Speed: An Elementary Particle of Business

While I don’t think he has discovered anything new about the importance of accelerating business decisions, John Chambers, Cisco CEO, has a fantastic ability to zero in on important concepts and trends and draw the business community’s attention to them.  This week’s Global CIO Blog on InformationWeek.com writes:

If you think Cisco’s been aggressive with acquisitions and product launches in the past, you’d better tighten your shoelaces because John Chambers says the company’s new management structure has slashed decision-making times by more than 90%.

Chambers’ new management structure is a great lesson for all of us.   Continue reading


Twitter and My Army of Editors

A little over a year into using Twitter, I must agree with this recent article, Twitter: More a News Medium Than Social Network, from PCWorld.  The article describes researchers from Korea who conclude that Twitter is more of a news medium than a social network. It describes how Twitter has moved from “What are you doing?” to “What’s happening?” Continue reading

Volcanoes and Showing Mr. Murphy the Door

Google Trends - Volcano/blue vs. Tiger Woods/red

This past week, Iceland’s volcanic eruption launched millions of tons of ash into the air along with millions of blog posts, tweets and news articles.  Google search volume for “volcano” even surpassed the return of Tiger Woods at the Masters! Continue reading

WWT Customer Round Table with HP’s Mark Hurd

On Wednesday, World Wide hosted a round table with Mark Hurd, HP CEO, and a number of our customers in St. Louis. First,  I’d like to thank our customers for taking time to attend.  Based on their feedback, they all enjoyed the informative and frank discussion.  Hosting the event was our CEO, Jim Kavanaugh with Joe Koenig, President, and Dave Steward, Chairman of WWT.  Stephen DiFranco, HP’s new channel chief, kicked off the event.

The interaction between Mark and the audience was fantastic.   Mark was down to earth and answered questions very directly and certainly didn’t pull any punches.   Continue reading

Acquisitions, Core Values & Cultural Fit

This week we announced the acquisition of Performance Technology Group (PTG).  I wanted to be one of the first to publicly welcome the PTG Employees to the World Wide Team!  We’re excited by the synergy and complementary capabilities that the PTG Team brings to WWT.  They have a wealth of systems engineering and managed services capabilities that Continue reading