Nothing great happens without passion and hard work.

That’s the message Jim Kavanaugh shared in an article entitled Sports For Life, in the spring edition of St. Louis University Business School magazine, Shareholder.

Jim was one of the executives highlighted in the story, which expressed the tremendous influence the experience of competing in SLU athletics has had on the lives of four John Cook School of Business graduates.

 In the case of Kavanaugh (BS ’86), his ability to focus a tenacious work ethic on outhustling the competition in the ultra-competitive technology industry has fueled the growth of World Wide Technology, at which Kavanaugh serves as CEO.

Reflecting the core values embedded in World Wide Technology’s E-PATH concept, Jim was quoted as saying “nothing great happens without passion and hard work.”

WWT’s E-PATH stands for:

  • E: Embrace change and diversity of people and thought
  • P: Passion and strong work ethic
  • A: Attitude – be positive and open-minded
  • T: Team player – be proactive and share ideas
  • H: Honesty and integrity

“Outhustling” is a fantastic word, reflecting “passion,” “hard work” and encapsulating the competitive spirit here at World Wide.

As a side note: “Hustle” is the most frequently offered advice I give to my son, Jake, as he exits our Honda minivan for a soccer game or lacrosse match. (Never mind the fact that it’s the only advice I can think of since I know very little about coaching soccer or lacrosse!).

For more information about World Wide Technology, please visit our about page at

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