WWT Is Recognized as One of St. Louis’ Best Places to Work

WWT has been selected by the St. Louis Business Journal as a “Great Place To Work.” It’s a fantastic honor and reflects the hard work and energy that underscore’s WWT’s Company Mission:

“A profitable growth company that’s a great place to work...”

WWT’s CEO and co-founder Jim Kavanaugh commented on the achievement in an email to all employees:

“I’ve always felt that WWT is a great place to work but it’s nice to get some external validation on our company, culture and people.  This special recognition is attributed to all of you for your hard work, dedication and commitment to WWT….You should all be proud of this incredible accomplishment and all the things you do to make WWT a great place to work.”

For as far back as I can remember (and it will be 15 years next week!), Jim is quick to highlight our most valuable resource – our people and the unique culture that each and every member of the team embraces and has helped create.

It’s quite an accomplishment considering the many companies that call St. Louis home.  The Business Journal surveyed over 18,000 employees from 127 companies.   In the end, only 20 firms were recognized.

Congratulations to all of our employees and to all of this year’s winners!


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