WWT’s Lakeview Operation: 2010 Warehouse of the Year

Kurt Grimminger, Vice President of Supply Chain Operations,  announced World Wide Technology’s Lakeview Operation in Edwardsville, IL as  2010 Warehouse of the Year.  This 700,000 square foot operation primarily serves two major customers in the service provider and financial services industries.

In 2010, the Lakeview operation employed over 300 people and had an incredible 240% increase in transactions year over year.   Kurt summed it up well in his company-wide email:

The Lakeview team is a great example of the WWT culture at work and has for years fully embraced success through focusing on WWT core values as its foundation.  This operation has improved consistently each year with 2010 clearly a break out year.  The entire team understands they are in constant pursuit of operational excellence with a “bring it on” attitude.  This group has demonstrated cross functional teamwork leading to solid results.

A very notable achievement by the team was winning the AT&T Outstanding Customer Service award.  Out of thousands of AT&T suppliers, WWT/Telcobuy was one of 6 suppliers selected and was recognized in a full page ad in the Wall Street Journal.

I second Kurt’s comments:

Congratulations to the entire Lakeview operation and the management team of John Rebholz, Greg Moore, Ron Williams, Matt Roth, Mike LaPosha and Jessie Ripper.  This is a well deserved award for a team that has gone above and beyond to meet and exceed customer expectations.  Job well done!

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