The World Is Getting Smaller As Our Opportunity Grows Larger

St. Louis Corporate Headquarters

That’s what our CEO Jim Kavanaugh said recently in a company update to all of World Wide Technology’s employees as we celebrated our 20th anniversary.

With record revenues, solid profitability, new customers and, most importantly, a fantastic team of dedicated employees, WWT is having the most successful year since our founding by Jim and Dave Steward back in 1990.

The world is truly getting smaller and is driven by many forces most notably the ubiquitous wired and, increasingly, wireless communications infrastructure that has enabled the Internet and fueled global supply chains. Tom Friedman describes this flatter, more connected world in his book, The World is Flat.

WWT’s opportunity has expanded significantly in several strategic dimensions: geographic coverage, OEM partnerships, technology solutions focus and our drive for 100% customer satisfaction and retention.

WWT continues to invest in new markets in the U.S. and expand internationally.  A key element in the long-term vision Jim presented to our team was a goal  for  WWT to be recognized as a global player by our key partners and customers within five years.  We’re well along this path with the supply chain services work that we continue to perform for Dell.  The World is Flat dedicates nearly a chapter describing Dell’s intricate and global supply chain and Supply Logistics Centers, a role which WWT serves in the U.S., Mexico, Brazil and Singapore.

We’re building on our fantastic $1.7 billion relationship with Cisco but also have strategic and fast growing partnerships with HP, EMC, NetApp, VMware and Citrix.  These are best of breed industry leaders and we’re striving to be a top partner with all of them.  With a $3 trillion plus global IT market, WWT is only scratching the surface with each one of these technology giants.

It’s very exciting to see the response we’re receiving from our customers and partners regarding our solution focus in the Data Center, especially as it relates to server and desktop virtualization.  We are also gaining traction in our cloud strategy, where we’re helping customers build the virtual infrastructure that enables public, private and hybrid cloud deployment models.

The most exciting part of Jim’s update was his comments on our employees.  Jim has always said “our people are our most valuable asset.”   Actually, Jim is more specific, and qualifies it by saying, “ The right people are our most valuable asset!”

Jim discussed a variety of topics impacting our employees, including WWT’s investment in management and leadership training and how the company is not passing along rising healthcare costs to employees.

The biggest applause (even bigger than the free t-shirts and fancy cup coolers!) was when Jim announced, for calendar year 2010, a doubling of our profit sharing percentage for employees.  It’s a great testament by Jim to recognize the company and our employees’ significant achievements this year, particularly in a tough and turbulent market.

In an era of caution and pessimism, it was refreshing to see Jim’s bullish enthusiasm for WWT’s growth and the momentum that we’re building in our three large markets: Public Sector, Fortune 1000 and Telecom / Service Provider.

And, finally, Jim recognized our employees for providing fantastic customer service.  We’re not perfect, but the entire company strives for a 100% customer retention and satisfaction goal each and every year.

With our continued focus on our people, core values and company culture, I have to agree with Jim:

“The World Is Getting Smaller As Our Opportunity Grows Larger.”

The first 20 years was only the beginning!

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