Does Partnering Start With Goal Alignment?

I had the honor of representing WWT this week at the Everything Channel VAR500 CIO50 Conference & Awards Gala in New York.  WWT was recognized with the “Best Partnership” Award.

The Best Partnership award goes to a systems integrator that brings unsurpassed commitment, technical expertise and business vision to its solutions.

Congrats to all of our employees and congrats to all of the award winners.

The conference’s presentations and breakout sessions were excellent.  I was particularly interested in William Arruda and his Personal Branding talk.   William is a fantastic presenter and I first heard him at Cisco’s Velocity Summit.  Personal Branding is an interesting concept and goes well beyond your bio or resume.  William suggests that individuals first must take a hard look at their goals and how those goals align with the company you work for.

Jim Kavanaugh, our CEO, emphasizes the importance of goal alignment all the time.  He talks about how goal alignment within the various departments of an organization is the foundation for long-term success.  Jim also speaks about the extraordinary things that can be accomplished when there is goal alignment between organizations.  Perhaps that’s what makes the “channel” successful – manufacturers, distributors, resellers and systems integrators all working together (partnering) with a common goal to best serve our shared customers.

For World Wide Technology, a perennial corporate goal is “100% Customer Satisfaction and Retention.”  This single goal alone drives constant focus and alignment internally and externally throughout our value chain.

Everything Channel certainly recognizes the importance of this and I’m certain it’s one of the reasons that this year’s event included not only the Channel but also the Top CIO’s from across the country.   I like to think that the “Best Partnering” Award we received reflects the common goals WWT shares with its customers as well as our manufacturing and distribution partners.

The Everything Channel team put on a top notch event.  Cipriano’s was a fantastic venue for the dinner and awards ceremony and Boomer Esiasan, former NFL star quarterback, announcer and radio host, was an entertaining guest speaker who is  a relentless fundraiser for Cystic Fibrosis.  It was also great meeting many of the editors, journalists and bloggers that I’ve been reading including Steven Burke and Jennifer Bosavage.   Special thanks to Joe Kovar for all of his help and a final thanks to all of the manufacturers and distributors who sponsored the event, many of them are valued partners of WWT.

One response to “Does Partnering Start With Goal Alignment?

  1. Congratulations on the award- You made a great comment and observation we should all remember when creating partnerships and sales alignments’.

    Making sure our goals align with who we are working with and we can bring mutual value to each partner will help create and prolong a good relationship!

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