Savvis and Industry Leadership

I recently listened to David Linthicum’s podcast with Savvis CTO, Bryan Doerr.   Bryan is a true industry leader that does a fantastic job explaining the current state of cloud computing and the real issues that we need to be addressing.   In a recent InfoWorld article Bryan explains his company’s ultimate goal:

“The grand vision is that we’ll have a cloud that gives our clients the ability to do entire datacenter outsourcing that applies all the best practices of security, storage, and networking.” via Amazon, IBM, and Savvis bridge datacenters to cloud | Platforms – InfoWorld.

Savvis is being recognized as a leader right now–not because they’re hyping cloud computing, but because Savvis is providing a platform and service that is solving real world problems.  Savvis is applying its many years of experience to the difficult challenges that its customers are grappling with around cloud computing and what it really means.

A great is example is Savvis’ approach of providing policy and governance capabilities related to resource allocation.  While not capturing the industry’s imagination like “cloud computing” and fairly low in terms of current buzzwords, “policy and governance” are critical elements in world-class IT organizations who know what it takes to successful and, perhaps more importantly, securely scale business applications.

Last June, Savvis was positioned as a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Web Hosting and Hosted Cloud System Infrastructure Services (On Demand) Savvis, Inc – Gartner Magic Quadrant.

You can listen to David’s conversation with Bryan and the podcast here.  I will warn you up front that the podcast’s audio is a bit choppy and it was difficult to hear David.

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