Twitter and My Army of Editors

A little over a year into using Twitter, I must agree with this recent article, Twitter: More a News Medium Than Social Network, from PCWorld.  The article describes researchers from Korea who conclude that Twitter is more of a news medium than a social network. It describes how Twitter has moved from “What are you doing?” to “What’s happening?”

I had a handful of early tweets that I’m sure nobody read or cared about…

running salesforce reports to analyze pipeline vs. same period last year.11:25 AM Feb 22nd, 2009 via web

I just bought back of the napkin from barnes and noble for $21.508:31 PM Feb 23rd, 2009 via web

Remember, back then, Twitter was still asking me what I was doing.  Since those dozen or so initial tweets, I’ve been using twitter to help filter the news I read and a source for late breaking news.  In looking at this past year of tweets, I found one almost exactly a year ago where I highlighted my use of twitter for finding news:

@Policani [80% Use Twitter for Timely Access to Info] ~ – that’s me!

I think of the people I follow as an “army of editors” whom I’ve hand-selected to parse through the news of the day and highlight key stories.    I don’t believe that twitter will replace traditional media outlets like CNN but I do think it has its place.   With the millions of information sources that exist, readers need to rely on trusted sources that can wade through the news, validate it, and put the information in context.  Many of the twitter “editors” I’ve chosen are actually members of the established media.   I still rely and trust the “professional” editors of and for much of the news I read.  Google Reader replaced and igoogle over a year ago and I use it almost exclusively for subscribing to and reading news.

Many of my “editors” are people in our industry that I admire and appreciate their perspectives.  These include: Padmasree Warrior, CTO of Cisco, Keith Goodwin, World Wide Channel Chief at Cisco, Phil McKinney, HP’s Innovation expert, Luanne Tierney, Cisco Channels V.P. of Marketing, and cloud experts: Rueven Cohen and David Linthicum.  I have many other editors that run the gamut from the PR teams at WWT’s strategic partners to friendly experts at competing firms.

I suppose I qualify as a mostly the silent type, following my 150 plus “editors.” But I do try to give back. Although it’s a paltry 2.4 tweets a day, I share news that I find interesting or important.  So feel free to enlist me as one of your “hand-picked editors” by following me at

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