Volcanoes and Showing Mr. Murphy the Door

Google Trends - Volcano/blue vs. Tiger Woods/red

This past week, Iceland’s volcanic eruption launched millions of tons of ash into the air along with millions of blog posts, tweets and news articles.  Google search volume for “volcano” even surpassed the return of Tiger Woods at the Masters!

The eruption has had a devastating impact on the world’s travelers and businesses. Most notable in the news:  Airlines losing $200 million a day totaling over $2 billion by the time it’s all over.

Many of the blogs and publications discuss the impact on businesses regarding “mother nature” and “Murphy’s Law.”   Cisco’s Innovation blog asks, “What Do Volcanoes and Security Software Have in Common?” Answer: Business and IT risks can strike in unexpected ways.   I wonder how many project status reports this past week have the word “volcano” in them?!

Cisco has taken this opportunity to point out the benefits of video conferencing (of particular importance with the finalization of the Tandberg acquisition.) as a viable alternative to business travel.    I’m certain video conferencing will be showing up more and more in a project’s risk mitigation plan.

A Gartner post Pigeons 1 – Humans 0, (an interesting but not true story  about pigeons disrupting CERN’s $6 billion Large Hadron Collider) discusses how good project managers accept too much responsibility.  I agree.   Good project managers plan for the worse and, because of their diligence and proven track record, they ensure the support and backing of the organization when things do go wrong.

Volcanic eruptions affecting the world’s commerce are rare but attending to Murphy’s Law is the standard that we set at World Wide Technology.  Our project management includes a risk mitigation approach that readily acknowledges that things WILL go wrong during our projects. Clients engage us because we know how to respond to “Murphy” when he arrives.   We quickly, with whatever resources we need to bring to bear, show Mr. Murphy the door!

2 responses to “Volcanoes and Showing Mr. Murphy the Door

  1. Enjoyable post Bob, sounds like lots of IT organizations are trying to make the most of the buzz surrounding the volcano.

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