Amazon’s Adam Selipsky Debunks Top 5 Myths of Cloud Computing

eWeek did a nice job in an interview  with Adam Selipsky, vice president of Amazon’s AWS.  AWS, Amazon Web Services, is a pioneer platform for providing cloud services. 

Amazon was also in the news today with a New York Times article:  Companies Slowly Join Cloud-Computing, where it was noted NetFlix plans to move its portfolio of web tools to rival, Amazon.

The eWeek article, Amazon Debunks Top 5 Myths of Cloud Computing – Cloud Computing from eWeek, not only does a great job in discussing the myths regarding Cloud Computing, Adam offers a good definition around this, often hyped, computing model.

Adam’s view of what “is” the cloud:

“In our opinion, a cloud has five key characteristics: It eliminates capex; allows you to pay for what you use; provides true elastic capacity to scale up and down; allows you to move very quickly and provision servers in minutes; and allows you to offload the undifferentiated heavy lifting of infrastructure so your engineers work on differentiating problems”

On reliability (my favorite):

The origin of the reliability claims come from an illusion of control, he said. “People think if they can control it they have more say in how things go. It’s like being in a car versus an airplane, but you’re much safer in a plane.”

Regarding Security:

“Our security is strong and dug in at the DNA level”

And challenging the elasticity of private clouds:

“The cloud is shapeless. But if it has a tight box around it, it no longer feels very cloud-like.”

These are just some highlights–I highly recommend reading the entire article.

One response to “Amazon’s Adam Selipsky Debunks Top 5 Myths of Cloud Computing

  1. Funny – while eWeek is debunking myths, InformationWeek’s April 12 cover is highlighting cloud risks.

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