WWT Customer Round Table with HP’s Mark Hurd

On Wednesday, World Wide hosted a round table with Mark Hurd, HP CEO, and a number of our customers in St. Louis. First,  I’d like to thank our customers for taking time to attend.  Based on their feedback, they all enjoyed the informative and frank discussion.  Hosting the event was our CEO, Jim Kavanaugh with Joe Koenig, President, and Dave Steward, Chairman of WWT.  Stephen DiFranco, HP’s new channel chief, kicked off the event.

The interaction between Mark and the audience was fantastic.   Mark was down to earth and answered questions very directly and certainly didn’t pull any punches.  He covered a broad range of topics from the his thoughts on cloud computing and virtualization to economic and political happenings in China that I wanted to share.

My notes from Mark’s comments:

  • HP’s Supply Chain – one of the largest in the world.  HP ships a printer and PC every 3 seconds, a server every 9 seconds.
  • Cloud Computing – Mark believes cloud computing is important but that there is much work to be done related to the “long road” to public cloud computing, particularly in the areas of security and clearly defining the set of services/tools that need to be delivered.
  • Virtualization & VDI – important tools in an overall portfolio of capabilities needed by IT.  Virtualization that’s poorly implemented can lead to VM sprawl.  VDI requires up–front planning to segment the workforce’s desktop computing needs related to performance, security, compliance, etc.
  • China – HP has had solid success in China where Mark commented that the Chinese are practicing “protective capitalism.”   HP’s share has gone from #5 to #2 behind #1 Chinese-owned, Lenovo.  An new notebook factory is being built in Chongqing, China.
  • Important trends/technology: mobility, digitization, social networking, and security.  Underlying all of this, is the need for IT to understand the business processes, standardize or eliminate work where possible, and have “the right work, done by the right person, in the right place at the right cost.”
  • Automation & Management – A common theme that Mark mentioned several times is that HP is developing better management solutions for customers related to virtualization, cloud computing, IT infrastructure, and improving HP’s own internal (EDS)  services business.

Again, thanks to all of our customers who attended and we very much appreciated Mark coming to town and spending time with us.


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