Major UCS Announcements from Cisco

Cisco released a couple of announcements today regarding its Unified Computing System architecture and Data Center 3.0 portfolio:

It was nearly a year ago, when I was invited to participate in Cisco’s C-Series Announcement and it’s exciting to see Cisco’s continued investment and expansion of capabilities in the Data Center market.

We have seen interest in UCS from customers across the our federal and enterprise commercial sectors.  Many of them are in early stages of evaluating the technology and we’ve had a fantastic response to our UCS Training series that we’ve been conducting around the country.

The announcements today reflects how Cisco is broadening the market for UCS in terms of a more general computing platform, whether virtualization is needed or not.

As many analysts have suggested, I believe the success of UCS will come from its overall computing architecture that exploits virtualization and seamlessly melds three, historically disparate, technology silos: compute, storage and networking.

2 responses to “Major UCS Announcements from Cisco

  1. Bob, have any fortune 50-100 US customers of Cisco adopt and put into production UCS technology?


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