Turning Ideas into Execution Requires Visionary Leadership

Having Ideas Versus Having a Vision – is a quick post from Harvard Business Review that suggest that ideas are abundant and that vision is required to put them into action.

The Internet has unleashed an avalanche of creativity from various activities like blogging, digital photography and a multitude of applications which are easily created and deployed across a millions of web sites and, now with smart phones, extended to millions of mobile devices.

The numbers are staggering:

  • In September 2008, Technorati reported that 184 million people, world wide, have started a blog.
  • As of October 2009, Flickr claims to host more than 4 billion images
  • Apple’s iPhone alone has over 150,000 third party apps.

So, again, if ideas are commodities then it comes down to: what are you going to do with that idea?

The HBR article suggests it takes vision to turn creativity and ideas into action:

What is in short supply, I’m afraid, are visionary thinkers who will be capable of making sense of this abundance of stimuli — visionaries who will build the arenas to unleash the power of ideas and transform them into actions.

The article affirms a previous post of mine : Ideas are Commodities – Innovation is all about Execution.  I would add that vision or, more importantly, a visionary leader is critically important and serves two functions.  A visionary leader not only creates the environment to foster new ideas but then turns those ideas into action or execution.


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