Cisco UCS Revealed!

I’m amazed at the enthusiastic response we’ve recieved from our customers regarding our national tour  and road show for UCS Training.    Dave Harrison, WWT’s lead UCS Engineer (and multiple CCIE holder), has been leading a day long training session where all of the nitty gritty detail of UCS is revealed.

It’s a virtual hands on lab environment where where Dave connects to our live St. Louis demo systems in our briefing center to remotely demonstrate UCS’s capabilities.  It includes cameras and an additional engineer stationed at the briefing center to “push buttons, pull plugs and work the camera” for all to see.    Here is the long list of the items that Dave covers:

Cable the UCS Chassis to the fabric interconnects. Cable the Fabric Interconnects to the Nexus 5K. Cable the Nexus 5K to the Nexus 2K. Cable the Nexus 5K to the MDS. Cable the MDS to the Fabric Interconnects and the Storage;  Configure the Fabric Interconnects to recognize and control the UCS chassis; Configure the Fabric Interconnects to so that the class can run the Cisco UCS Manager as a single point of device management for the Cisco Unified Computing System; Using the Cisco UCS Manager the class will configure the server (downlinks) from the Fabric Interconnects to the UCS Chassis; Role based access is discussed and configured; Deployment of server blades through the use of server profiles and templates will be discussed; Templates are created and two server profiles assign and deploy to ESX 4 servers; Storage is configured on the Service profile to use the FCOE capability of the system; Boot from SAN will be discussed and setup if time permits and SAN storage is available; Installation of the Nexus 1000v will be performed. Install the Nexus 1000v on the two ESX hosts Using the Cisco UCS Manager configure the 10G uplinks to the Nexus 5K; After configuring both the server (downlinks) and the network uplinks from the Fabric Interconnects the class will make certain that the entire UCS system is controllable;

Unfortunately, the lab sizes are small in order to have everyone participate and get the hands-on experience.  Dave (key contributor to one of my most successful posts: 10 Things to Know about the Cisco Nexus 1000V)  has been fantastic in going from city to city and covering the entire country with the training.

We’re working on refining our “vStart” which is a follow-on service to Dave’s UCS Training for customers who want to have World Wide install and set-up configure UCS, VMware and a storage subsytem in their environment.  Stay tuned.

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