Sun Oracle and WWT

Tuesday was an historic day in the IT industry with the completion of Oracle’s acquisition of Sun.

World Wide owes a great deal to Sun.  Over 15 years ago, Sun was the first major manufacturer to partner with us as a very, very small reseller.   Like most long-term relationships, we’ve had our ups and downs but through the years our partnership has grown and prospered.  Today, WWT is one of Sun’s largest partners serving the federal government.

I had a recent post on Acquisitions and Culture and I’m interested to see how Oracle’s acquisition takes advantage of the culture and all that was good at Sun including their broad customer base, technology leadership, and loyal partner base.

I appreciated today’s comments by Judson Althoff, channel chief  for Oracle.  Judson made it clear they are looking for partners with technical specializations that are valued by customers.

This partnering approach which values technology specializations creates tremendous new opportunities for WWT.  We continue to accelerate our investment and focus on specializations especially related to virtualization, blades/servers and data center networking and, just recently, WWT received Oracle’s Exadata certification.

(Side bar:  Oracle isn’t the only firm creating jobs.  WWT is also looking for pre-sales & delivery professionals, especially technical architects and virtualization specialists.)

And back to Data Center Networking.  That’s one key element that is not part  of Oracle’s suite and not represented in the “red stack of blocks.”  With over a billion dollars in Cisco sales these past two years,  as well as being Cisco’s leading Data Center partner, WWT is unique in our ability to complement Oracle’s sales team in designing and building holistic data center solution for customers.

And finally with valued relationships going back many years, I’m hopeful and optimistic that Sun’s senior leadership including Anthony Robbins and, recently returning, Tom Wagner will carry the “partnering” torch forward within Oracle.

We wish the best to the Sun employees and friends we have worked with through the years.  We look forward to building on the past and growing our relationship with Oracle for the future.

2 responses to “Sun Oracle and WWT

  1. Nice blog……I too hope Tom can create the similar partnering culture within the Oracle dna.

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