Are you V-Ready? More Importantly are your People & Processes Ready?

 Whether you’re at a dead stop (there are very few of you out there) or 15 percent there (like most of you) enterprises appear to be at a virtualization plateau and driving to the next level of relies more on an IT organization’s ability to evolve their people and processes versus deciding on the technology.

Don’t get me wrong, picking the right technology is extremely important–just ask any manufacturer! And much of the technology, like virtualizing desktops,  has matured and CIOs are more confident to deploy.  But not having the skilled people and honed processes are, in my estimation, an order of magnitude more important.

According to HP’s research, the biggest barriers or inhibitors to virtualization are: upfront costs, staff training/experience, gaining approval from corporate management, and infrastructure planning.

At World Wide we recognized the importance of people & processes, so we offer a variety of services including virtualization consulting that assesses an organization’s “operational readiness.” It includes an examination of the “as is”  infrastructure as well as the management tools and processes.   Steve Chambers, a Cisco virtualization evangelist in the U.K,  says that Cisco has put this “readiness assessment” in a framework called VOMA (Virtual Operations Management Assessment).  VOMA is about “institutionalization of technology across six dimensions:”

  1. Management Processes
  2. Organization
  3. Governance
  4. Technology
  5. People
  6. Metrics

via ViewYonder » Poor IT hygiene is a barrier to technology adoption.

The field of players is expanding and CIOs now benefit from more virtualization  infrastructure choices than ever.  Experienced CIOs know, while the technology is important, capitalizing on the benefits of virtualization is more about the people and the process.

I had an earlier post, Stand Up and Get Ready, that was more about manufacturers and resellers being ready for the economy to turn.   I now ask CIOs and IT leaders as a whole….

Are you virtualization ready?  More importantly, are your people and processes ready?

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