Citrix XenApp Announcements This Week

Citrix made a series of announcements this week about XenApp and I spent some time with Scott Miller, Business Development Director for Virtualization at World Wide Technology (WWT) to gain his perspective.  Scott was formerly President of Server Centric Consulting which WWT acquired in July.

Scott, first of all, welcome on board to WWT.  It’s been over a month since the acquisition and it’s been fantastic seeing the interest and excitement about Server Centric joining forces with WWT.

I know that you have worked with Citrix for many years and have seen many product announcements from them.  What’s so important about this one?

(Miller) It’s refreshing to see a software manufacturer step up and do the right thing for their current customers.   Allowing customers the ability to trade in their existing XenApp licenses in exchange for XenDesktop protects their past investment that they made in Citrix.  It gives our customers the flexibility to pick and choose which architecture is the best for them whether it’s server based computing (SBC) or VDI.  We have performed many VDI Feasibility Assessments and in almost every instance we have seen a business case for both SBC and VDI.

As far as the specific product announcement, what are the key points?

(Miller) The key take away from this announcement is that Citrix recognizes the momentum shift for the demand for VDI and is willing to sacrifice existing short term Subscription Advantage (SA) renewal revenues for the longer term benefit for their clients.  This keeps Citrix as relevant as ever for the deployment of applications and secure remote access to desktops.

What’s the “bottom line” on this announcement?

(Miller) Existing Citrix customers with a current SA can exchange all of their licenses for double the number of XenDesktop licenses or they can exchange a subset of their XenApp licenses for an equal number of XenDesktop licenses.  Even XenApp customers with an expired SA can trade in for XenDesktop at almost 50% of the cost of new product.  My hope is that this announcement doesn’t cause further market confusion about VDI replacing the need for SBC as these architectures are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

Thanks, Scott, and, again, “Welcome on board!”

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