2 Sides of the VDI Coin

Steve Chambers has been writing some interesting posts with perspectives on unified computing, virtualization, and, perhaps most importantly, on his efforts in driving IT from “good2great.”

In his latest, Steve discusses VDI and 5 VDI “anti-patterns.” From wikipedia:

an anti-pattern is a design pattern that may be commonly used but is ineffective and/or counterproductive in practice.

ViewYonder » Feeding the IT Shriekometer: 5 VDI anti-patterns.

The “anti-patterns,” or counterproductive practices, of VDI and the major benefits of VDI are two sides of the same “operational” coin.

These anti-patterns are:

  1. Attacking VDI in silos and not looking at an end-to-end view of the operational aspects of the technology.
  2. Creating an “indifferent business case” and not building an ROI that includes the full operational benefits of VDI.
  3. Accepting that VDI changes the Desktop Life-cycle but not changing the desktop team and the end user operational practices.
  4. Treating virtual desktops as virtual servers. and not recognizing that virtual desktops “are a new, evolved breed of computing unit, deserving of their own technology and operational approach.”
  5. Nobody owning VDI. A new approach is needed and the service management group, as an overlay to the many operational groups, may be the ones to take a lead in defining a new service management team centered on supporting VDI.

I probably didn’t do Steve justice so be sure to read his full entry.

So, let’s wrap up with the other side of the coin.  With the operational challenges described above, there are compelling operational advantages that tip the scales.

As Steve describes, the big benefits of VDI are all operational.  Here’s  his list:

  • Decreased costs by reducing “IT floor walkers”.
  • Increased service availability by using resilient infrastructure and automated disaster recovery for business continuity procedures.
  • Increase service quality by making desktops available to the user wherever they are, online anywhere, offline anywhere (with VMware View checkout).
  • Avoiding security compliance breaches because you can’t leave your desktop on the London Tube.

The compelling operational benefits of VDI are most fully realized by those “good2great” organizations that recognize and make the necessary changes in their operational approach and environment.

2 responses to “2 Sides of the VDI Coin

  1. Thanks for this great summary, Bob! It amazes me how VDI is both old and new, possible and impossible, and I’ve never really concentrated on it before until now I’m in Cisco Unified Computing…

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