Cisco: Don’t Change a Winning Formula

WARNING: I’m biased.  I work for a company, World Wide Technology, that sold over $1 Billion in Cisco products last year.   A significant part of our success can be largely attributed to our partnership with Cisco and their Channel Program.

So, after that full disclosure, here’s my comment that I posted on Cisco Channel Chief, Wendy Bahr’s, blog  about “Cisco’s Winning Formula Isn’t Changing – Channels


Cisco has THE channel program that the entire industry strives to emulate.  Why? Because it focuses on partners profitability over the long haul.  There’s no reason to change a winning formula for success.

Cisco partners have prospered over the years selling the value of not just point products, but the value of complete solutions based on architectures that lower the overall cost of ownership and protect customers’ purchases over the long haul.

I attended the Partner Summit and, except for the directness of pointing out the competition,  I don’t think “refuse to lose” is anything new to Cisco partners who understand the value, strategy and Cisco’s vision for making products that make our collective customers successful.

In fact, in these tough economic times, I enjoyed seeing the “fire in the belly” by John Chambers and the rest of the executive team…”


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