YADA Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

How Cloud Computing Will Change Business – BusinessWeek.   Interesting article but I thought they used “cloud computing” too broadly and referenced many technologies that have been around for a while.

In a comment I posted,  I offered up YADA (yet-another-definition-about) Cloud Computing.

“Cloud computing is a new twist on a historical computing model: timesharing.  Powered by Moore’s law of ever increasing power, Cloud computing is a framework built on open, internet-based technologies to deliver and manage business applications as a service (or utility.)

Want to know if you’re using cloud computing? Check your bill from your solution provider and if it looks more like your home electric bill vs. a receipt from Lowe’s, then you may already be “in the cloud.”

“Built on internet based technologies” is worth some further explanation since it’s “internet technology” that makes “cloud computing” so vastly different from the timesharing days.  The scaling, collaboration, provisioning are significantly better, faster & cheaper than the days of the monolithic IBM mainframe.


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