Cisco’s Channel Blog – Help Wanted.

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I commented a few weeks on Cisco’s new Channels Blog that istening to partners has always been in Cisco’s DNA.  Web 2.0 and social networking have allowed Cisco to take listening and collaboration to another level.

Whether they’re engineers, product managers or channel execs, Cisco’s employees have demonstrated active participation and commitment to collaboration, from corporate blogging, podcasts, YouTube videos to Twitter (Keith, you only need 344,552 more followers to catch Padmasree!)

I’m certain that Cisco will do their part to make this Channel Blog “informative,” however; it will require active participation and feedback from partners for the blog to be “successful.”

A couple of topics areas I’d like to see: 1.) deeper dive on the individual business imperatives in “5 to Thrive” and 2.) highlighting partner best practices.

One response to “Cisco’s Channel Blog – Help Wanted.

  1. Hi,
    I realize this response is a bit late, given the date of the post, but someone just pointed me to it.

    As always, I appreciate your comments and insights on the Channels blog and I couldn’t agree more with what you’ve said about the success of the blog hinging on participation from partners like yourself.

    Love your recommendations on you’d like us to cover and I welcome any additional ideas or suggestions. Feel free to email me, ping me via Twitter (@Cisco_Channels), or leave comments on the Channels blog.


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